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Adam matches with Lucy,

who makes him lie

about how they met,

only to use that story

to frame him

for murder.                            18 mins





Amazing Director Award 

Cityflix International Film Festival

Honorary Achievement in Writing 

Independent Cinema Showcase

Best Actor Nomination 

Oregon Short Film Festival

Best International Film 

Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival
Official Selection 

Cinema on the Bayou
Semi Finalist 

Venice Shorts Film Festival

Written & Directed by

Jefferies Brothers

Produced by 
Samantha Kaine 

Van Wickiam


Public Space Productions 

Executive producer
Jon McEachran

Associate producer
Mike Whelan

Associate producer

The Maclennans

Music by 
Bex Worley    

Cinematography by 
Filip Funk    

Edited by 
Jefferies Brothers

Sound Design 
Deanna Marano

1st AC

Matt Levin-Gold


Steven McDonnell

1st AD

Adam Craveiro

Key Grip

Wilny Su

Max Sims

Sound Recordist

Amy Forsey

Sean Singh

Stunt Coordinator

Kevin Robinson

Production Designer

Liz Kennedy

Set Design

Pia Perez


Pia Abrahams

Hair & Makeup

Heather Jennings

Nicole Pilon

Script Supervisor

Victoria Hoare


Kamisha S.ylvestre


Leonardo Oliveria

Peter Young Jarvis as Adam Robitaille

Kirsten Comerford as Lucy

Samantha Kaine as Detective Lehan

Aniko Kaszas as Detective Haney

Shannon T. McNally as Sheila Robitaille

Sharjil Rasool as Joe

Shawn Ahmed as Trevor Joshi

Ordena Stephens as Sandwich Lady

Robert Murphy as Romeo

Danielle Ayow as Juliette

Elana Dunkelman as Ice Cream Girl

Sandra Flores as Mrs. Robitaille

John Gordon as Mr. Robitaille

Scott Leaver as Statue Guy

Izaak Smith as Adam's Friend

Derek Herd as Cell Mate

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