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Stuck living upside down,

Calvin sees the chance

to escape to a place

where there is

no up or down.                   03 mins


Finalist Best Drama 

My Rode REEL 2020

Finalist Judges Pick 

My Rode REEL 2020

Official Selection 

Pendance Film Festival

Winner Best Editing 

Seoul International Short Film Festival

Pick of the Month  

Film Shortage


New Wave Film Festival


Venice Shorts Film Festival

Honorable Mention 

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival

Official Selection 

New York Tri-State International Film Festival

Official Selection 

Phoenix Short Film Festival

Official Selection 

Toronto Independent Festival of CIFT

Written, Produced, & Directed by

Jefferies Brothers


Matt Levin-Gold

Production Assistant

Shaquille Griffith

Edited by

Marshall Jefferies

Score by

Ted Jefferies


Jefferies Brothers

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