Misty Forest
Airplane Above the Clouds

After their plane crashes in a remote forest, a popular travel vlogger and his videographer must figure out how to survive the wild, and each other.

Hanging in plane wreckage
Adventure Vehicle

Sam is a popular travel vlogger working and travelling with his videographer, Russell, who films and edits the stunning travel videos they put out.

When their plane crashes in the British Columbia wilderness, Sam and Russell have to learn how to survive in the wild, while continuing to film videos for their channel, and coming to terms with the flaws lurking in their occupation, their relationship, and themselves.

Tropical Leaves

This story takes place in the world of vlogging, YouTube videos, and content creation.

The locations at the beginning of the story are all over the world - all the places you wish you could travel to - the ones that look amazing, unique, and beyond your reach.

Image by Benjamin Voros
Image by S Migaj
Image by Luca Bravo
Image by Dino Reichmuth
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Then the location changes, to the remote wilderness, where no one wants to be - where the audience and influence connected to vlogging and content creation disappear.

Image by Sander Lenaerts
Image by Eelco Böhtlingk
Image by Lucas Gallone
Image by Chris Ensminger
Wild Forest Fires
Image by Lennart Heim

The Genre is Man vs. Wild... but not really.

It's actually content creation, travel vlogs, and YouTube videos. The stuff you watch on your phone that makes you wish you were somewhere else, doing something else - living a different life.

Image by Keagan Henman